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Magicshine MJ900B

产品编号: 3
Via the app, users can program their own light. And the battery pack can be used as power bank providing 5V/2A output for your mobile devices.
LUMEN: 1000
RUNTIME: 2.2 hours @ 100%
BATTERY: 7.2V 2.6Ah

Brand new Bluetooth bike light from Magicshine 2017 new lineup. The MJ-900B Bluetooth Bicycle Light looks very much like the original MJ-900 but with a whole lot more tech under the hood. Single XM-L2 LED capable of producing 1000 lumens of maximum actual output. The Bluetooth chip allows for remote control of the Bluetooth Bike light from most mobile devices. Brightness, flash modes can be customized and saved into “scenes” for fast switching depending on riding conditions. Once custom settings are saved, the top switch button no longer cycle through the factory default brightness settings of 100% 50% 25% and Flash modes. It will be cycling through your customized settings even without your mobile device present.

Not much bigger than a silver dollar and weights just over an oz, the MJ-900B makes for a perfect helmet light with the help of MJ-6058 helmet strap. An MJ-6016 extension cable is also recommended if you want to run the battery from your backpack, and minimize the weight your helmet is carrying.

Battery pack for the MJ-900B  has also undergone significant re-design. The MJ-6112 Li-ion pack uses 2×18650 LG cells to supply 2.6Ah of power, capable of 2.2 hours of continuous runtime under max brightness. It can also be used as an emergency USB power bank providing 5V/2A output for your mobile devices. Next to the USB port is the Micro USB charging port and 3 green LED power indicator lights, with each light representing roughly 30 percent remaining capacity.