Item No.: 6
LUMEN:Front Light: 350 lumens 4.5 w;Rear light: 0.3 w
Left/Right Turn Signal Lights: 1 w
RUNTIME: Front Light: 4~11 H
Left/Right Turn Signal Lights: 11.8 H
Rear Light: 17~108 H
(Based on a single battery)
BATTERY: 18650 Li-ion batteries (3.7V 2.6AH)
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High tech bike helmet with integrated front light for illumination and side/rear light for safety. It’s the perfect commuter bike helmet for road and urban cyclists.

-Integrated PC & EPS, best weight-strength helmet that features high density EPS foam and serial types of solid arc frameworks. On impact, the force will distribute evenly on the the frame structure.

– The headlight uses Cree XP-G2 LED, maximum luminous flux 350lm(4.5W) and 30 degrees beam angle. The headlight can also be tilted up or down 20 degrees.

-32pcs highlight SMD red LED intelligent rear light design to effectively provides the riding safety at night, maximum power 0.3w, Be seen, be safe.

– 80pcs highlight SMD yellow LED left/right turn signals, maximum power 0.5w, clear and bright.

– Handle bar mountable remote control.

Currently only one size available M/L 54-58cm with rear adjustable knob offering limited allowance.

Helmet Light
Helmet LightHelmet LightHelmet Light
Helmet Light
bicycle helmet with built in lights
bicycle helmet with built in lightsGenie-Bicycle-Helmet-8
Helmet Light
Helmet Light
Helmet Light
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The Genie Helmet is a revolutionary helmet that boasts a headlight and tail light as well as remote activated turn signals. Read on to see some more detail.

A first look at the revolutionary MagicShine Genie Helmet

by John Brown,

Genie Helmet out of the box

The Helmet is packaged in a relatively sturdy cardboard box with a foam liner to keep things stable. Within the box is the helmet, remote, instructions, screwdriver, battery cell, and a wedge shaped device. Once I read through the instructions, I saw that I needed to install the battery cell. In order to install the cell, I had to remove the battery cover on the top of the helmet. Removing the cover is done by loosening a single Philips head bolt and using the wedge device to pry the cover off.  With the battery cell installed, activating the light is as simple as pressing the power button once.



Genie Helmet functions

You can tell the helmets system is activated by looking at the rear blinker. Once the system is on, the rear blinker will be lit. In order to power the headlight or turn signals you simply press the corresponding remote button once. To change mode, you press the button again. Here is the only tricky part, In order to turn off the headlight or blinkers, you need to hold the button down for between 2-3 seconds.



The Genie Helmet fit

The helmet is a one size fits all variety with a dial type retention device. The overall fit is a bit round for my head, so I felt a bit more pressure on the front of the helmet than I would prefer. That being said, I run into the same problem with Giro brand helmets, so I think it’s more an issue with my head than the helmet. It has ample padding throughout so the feel of the helmet is soft.



How it feels

With so much going on within the Genie helmet, there is some added weight. Wearing the helmet feels just like when I attach a GoPro to my standard helmet. That weight can be a little strange at first, but like the camera, you will get used to it.


Mar 27, 2020
I live in Germany Where can I purchase your Magicshine MJ 898 Genie Helmet? And what other colors are available
Mar 28, 2020
Hello thanks for your inquiry. Here's the German website :
Jan 09, 2020
Bonjour , Ma lampe avant reste allumée mais je ne peux l'éteindre a moins d'enlever la batterie . Plus de commande Bluetooth . Je ne peux plus allumer le feu rouge arrière ni les feux latéraux . Que puis je faire ? merci de votre aide Mme Gallegos
Frank Schmidt
Oct 18, 2019
Where can I try and buy your helmet in Denmark? Frank
Frank Schmidt
Oct 18, 2019
Where can I try and buy your helmet in Denmark? Frank
joaquin Andres
Jul 20, 2019
what is the price of this helmet ? Do you agree pay-pal.Thank you.