产品编号: 6
LUMEN:Front Light: 350 lumens 4.5 w;Rear light: 0.3 w
Left/Right Turn Signal Lights: 1 w
RUNTIME: Front Light: 4~11 H
Left/Right Turn Signal Lights: 11.8 H
Rear Light: 17~108 H
(Based on a single battery)
BATTERY: 18650 Li-ion batteries (3.7V 2.6AH)

High tech bike helmet with integrated front light for illumination and side/rear light for safety. It’s the perfect commuter bike helmet for road and urban cyclists.

-Integrated PC & EPS, best weight-strength helmet that features high density EPS foam and serial types of solid arc frameworks. On impact, the force will distribute evenly on the the frame structure.

– The headlight uses Cree XP-G2 LED, maximum luminous flux 350lm(4.5W) and 30 degrees beam angle. The headlight can also be tilted up or down 20 degrees.

-32pcs highlight SMD red LED intelligent rear light design to effectively provides the riding safety at night, maximum power 0.3w, Be seen, be safe.

– 80pcs highlight SMD yellow LED left/right turn signals, maximum power 0.5w, clear and bright.

– Handle bar mountable remote control.

Currently only one size available M/L 54-58cm with rear adjustable knob offering limited allowance.


Frank Schmidt
Oct 18, 2019
Where can I try and buy your helmet in Denmark? Frank
Frank Schmidt
Oct 18, 2019
Where can I try and buy your helmet in Denmark? Frank
joaquin Andres
Jul 20, 2019
what is the price of this helmet ? Do you agree pay-pal.Thank you.
Jul 10, 2019
Dear, The front light, as well as the turn signal lights do not work anymore. How van I sort out this issue ? Is this related to the remote control ? IS there a replacement possibility of this remote control ? Thank you, Guy (Belgium)